Monday, December 05, 2005

Is T.O. SOL?

Looks like the Philadephia Eagles are planning to collect a significant portion of wide receiver Terrell Owens' signing bonus as a result of his falling out with the club and subsequent suspension.

While I fully agree with the Eagles' decision to suspend Owens for his detrimental comments and behavior, I don't agree with their attempt to collect his signing bonus. After all, he hasn't committed a crime and he was more than willing to play for the Eagles. The team just felt that his comments criticizing the team and quarterback Donovan McNabb were more than they could take.

So, suspend him and don't pay him for those games. That's fine. But if they don't want him around any longer, and they've already paid him his signing bonus, then so be it.

And while I realize that his contractual language allows for such action, I don't think it would be fair at this point. They've already docked him four games of pay and will not let him play in their final four games of the season (although he will be paid for those games). Let him keep his $1.7 million and move on already. Why keep beating a dead horse?!


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