Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Rock and Roll Fantasy

I haven't spent much time online today, mostly due to my newest toy. And it's not even a toy I received for Christmas. But it rocks! Literally! And I've been playing almost non-stop since I got it.

One of my nephews, who was at our house for Christmas this year, got a new Playstation 2 game called, Guitar Hero. Well, once the presents were all opened and the throng at our house went off to eat lunch or take a nap or whatever, a few of the grownups snuck away to set up Guitar Hero on the big screen TV in our family room. And that's how this game became the centerpiece of our holiday festivities for the remainder of the day.

And when my nephew left the following day, along with his PS2 and Guitar Hero, an uncomfortable void was left for those of us who remained. So I did what any self-respecting, approaching-middle-age, frustrated former musician would do: I went out and bought a new PS2 system and, of course, Guitar Hero.

It's my Christmas gift to myself, or so I've tried to justify it in my mind.

So, you ask, just what is this Guitar Hero and why has it intrigued me so? Well, words alone can't do it justice. But I'll try.

Guitar Hero is, in effect, a video game. But unlike most video games, the majority of which spark absolutely no interest in me whatsoever, this game doesn't use the typical handheld controller that most kids today could operate in their sleep. No. The "controller" for Guitar Hero is, well, a guitar. Or at least a small version of one that allows the participant to make like a rock star and "play" a variety of different guitar-centric rock tunes from the last few decades.

It even has a whammy bar!! How cool is that?!

One can either play songs individually, at up to four different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, expert) or one can create a rock persona, a band and go "on tour". As one successfully completes each song and each set, the band moves on to another venue with additional songs to choose from. Once you've completed enough songs to complete the easiest level, the band moves on to the medium level. And so on.

You really have to try it to get the picture, but once you do, you're hooked. And I'm hooked.

Rock on, dudes!


At 7:16 PM, Blogger Lydia Cornell said...

Can't wait to get this for my sons.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger DrewL said...

They'll love it. That is, if they can get the guitar away from you and your husband! It's as much fun - or more - for adults as it is for kids. My daughter really likes it, too.


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