Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship...

Conservative columnist and erstwhile CNN commentator Robert Novak penned a column in last week's Chicago Sun-Times that was overtly critical of the Bush administration's Medicare prescription drug program. Yes, that would be the prescription drug program that Bush has touted among his very few "victories" on Capitol Hill. And that also would be the prescription drug program that is presently in the throes of a crisis in its first few weeks of implementation.

When Bob Novak is trashing a Republican administration, to say there are some chinks in the armor is a gross understatement. The rats are jumping ship, a sure sign that the USS Bush-Cheney is sinking at a rapid pace.

The hideous complexity of the scheme, which has the effect of discouraging seniors from signing up, is only the beginning of difficulties it entails for the president and his party. It will further swell the budget deficit without commensurate political benefits. On the contrary, the drug plan may prove a severe liability for Republicans facing an increasingly hazardous midterm election in November.


Rove's aim was to entice low-to-middle-income seniors who vote heavily Democratic and complain about the cost of prescription drugs. That political maneuver was translated by bureaucrats and health-care technicians into a government program so difficult to understand that someone receiving any prescription drug care would be inclined to stick with the present program even if it seems inadequate. For many whose existing insurance does not help pay drug bills, the Bush program is only a disappointment.

Another winner from Bush and his incompetents. The fun just never ends. These people are all about style and PR and getting elected, but they have absolutely no clue how to govern or administer. The Bush administration - and I use that term very loosely - will go down in history as one of the most insanely inadequate bureaucracies in the 230 years of our nation's existence.

It almost makes one wonder if they're doing it on purpose in order to sour all Americans on our government. Could they intentionally be trying to look so utterly incompetent that we would have no other choice but to pare our federal government to the bone? With these people, anything is possible. And I mean ANYTHING!!


At 2:53 AM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Interesting theory. My own theory is that it's impossible to find a competent Republican because there are none. Did a post awhile back on how it had been scientifically proven that Republicans were stupid, when they found that 95% of collegiate faculty were Democrats. I think the lot of 'em is just plain stoopid. Too dumb to run anything. Well, except into the ground...


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