Friday, February 03, 2006

Do you wanna know a secret?

From a news report on Yahoo:

"It, obviously, reveals techniques and sources and methods that are important to try to protect," Cheney said. "It gives information to our enemies about how we go about collecting intelligence against them. It also raises questions in the minds of other intelligence services about whether or not they can work with the United States intelligence service, with our for example, if we can't keep a secret."

What the hell is this guy smoking? I think Cheney must have gotten an angioplasty balloon that went to his brain and self-inflated. Poof!

Can't keep a secret? His own office outed a CIA officer's identity and he's bellyaching about keeping secrets?

And that's not to mention the FACT that exposing an illegal, warrantless spying operation has done absolutely nothing to harm investigative techniques. That is absolutely ridiculous!

These people are all insane!


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