Sunday, September 24, 2006

Musharraf in Paris

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf, after visiting President Bush in Washington this week, took a trip to Paris to visit a personal physician and to have some routine medical tests conducted.

Not so unusual, you say. Why not stop in Paris on the way back to Pakistan? Maybe enjoy a fine French meal, too, before heading on to the home country.

Well, believe it or not, we're not talking about Paris, France, here.


No. We're talking about Paris, Texas. As in, out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere (even by the standards of those of us who live in Texas) Paris, Texas.

Gen. Musharraf spoke by phone during an unannounced trip to Texas on Saturday to undergo routine medical tests and visit with a personal physician.

He arrived at Paris (Texas) Regional Medical Center in the late morning for a checkup with cardiologist Arjumand Hashmi. Hospital officials said Gen. Musharraf was "found to be in excellent health."

After the president had his checkup, he attended a lunch in Paris before departing for Dallas. Later, he visited the doctor's Highland Park home.

"This is a beautiful place you have here," he said of his first visit to Texas.

Dr. Hashmi said he was simply "meeting an old friend" when asked about the high-profile patient on Friday.

"It's a private visit," he said "There's nothing to it."

Interesting. Not sure why he needed to travel all the way to Paris, Texas, to undergo routine medical tests. Kind of unusual, if you ask me, but who knows? Perhaps Dr. Hashmi is an old friend of the General's from Pakistan, so Musharraf thought he would stop by while he was in the "neighborhood".

It's not every day that the President of Pakistan, a major player on the current, worldwide political stage, pays a visit to little old Paris, Texas. No doubt, some locals were taken by surprise.

In both Paris and Highland Park, the cloak-and-dagger visit generated a buzz in two normally sedate small towns.

A motorcade of more than two dozen cars, including state trooper vehicles, Secret Service cars and a Paris hospital ambulance made the trip from Dallas to Paris mid-morning.

Phillip Hamilton, managing editor of The Paris News, said that about 20 people, including at least one other Paris physician, were at the house and dined with Gen. Musharraf.

He said the Pakistani president stood up to say goodbye shortly before 3 p.m.

In retrospect, maybe those reports of people seeing Osama bin Laden in the area aren't so farfetched after all.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Meatball One said...

Neat-O post

At 10:49 PM, Blogger DrewL said...

Thanks, M1. Quite a compliment coming from a stellar blogger such as yourself.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Lydia Cornell said...

Yes very strange. Interesting post.

Drewl I just posted this, but I'm so mad I'm going to post it here too:

Anyone who supports George Bush is unknowingly (or not) a traitor and is un-American.

I am serious. Anyone who continues to defend this president's policies or thinks he is right, sane, moral or good — needs serious mental help.

THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL: BUSH IS A DANGER TO AMERICA. And he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost. He reacted to a terrorist attack with a full-scale military invasion, thereby letting the terrorists define the word "war."

When he met one of the 911 widows on her anniversary which happened to fall on Sept. 11, all he said to her was: Ouch, "A double whammy."

What kind of people could elect a moron just because he spoke "their redneck language and looked like he'd be fun to drink beer with at a barbeque?" Is it really okay to elect as president a man who had never been outside the USA? A man so uneducated and downright stupid he faked his way through college and airforce training and went AWOL?

He has taken away all the good will this country had around the world. When everyone hates you, you had better realize that where there's smoke there's fire. WE CAN AND MUST IMPEACH THIS WAR CRIMINAL.

BUSH has single-handedly turned our beautiful country into a non-democratic empire.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger fac_p said...

Didn't you know? Paris (TX) is the new medical hot spot! We might even clone a real hospital. The link gives a bit of information at the end of the post....frank


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