Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Insanity Continues...

There goes George "Dubya" Bush again, trying to claim that the war in Iraq is keeping Americans safe in the world. He contends that the troops know that they're "fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere (huh?) to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy."

Well, I knew about Afghanistan and Iraq, but "elsewhere"? Where else are they fighting? Is there another war going on that we don't know about it? Or is this mere forshadowing of the Bush administration's next, inevitable folly?

Plus, I thought the troops were fighting to liberate the Iraqi people. Oh, wait. That was LAST WEEK'S raison du jour. What will it be next week? I can't wait to find out!

We've also learned that the Army now is making plans for keeping 100,000 or more troops in Iraq through 2009. That's FOUR MORE YEARS! Kind of reminiscent of the chilling chant we heard from Bush supporters last summer at the Republican National Convention. The American people are paying the price for those election results, but now it looks like our courageous volunteer soldiers will continue to pay - in many cases - the ultimate price for years to come. And for what? For nothing.

What must we do to get an exit strategy outlined and implemented? This insane misadventure in Iraq will continue to drag on and on and on with the current leadership in place. And at what cost? Who's paying for this? We are! Both in terms of dollars and, more importantly, lives. The insanity has got to stop!


At 5:35 AM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

I agree the insanity has to stop, but I don't think it's going to. They lit the fire over there and and it's going to simmer and simmer and then burst forth in an ungoldy conflagration, I'm afraid. And I really AM afraid! There's not enough water in the world to put out the fire they've started.

Gosh, that's optimitic, isn't it? Sorry...

At 9:47 AM, Blogger DrewL said...

Regardless of the mess they've started, we've just got to support them AND the war. Otherwise, we're traitorous wretches who don't support the troops. We're un-American.

By God, if it were up to Pat Roberson, we'd all be lined up and shot to death. That would show us!


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