Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Iraq is to California as the Gulf Coast is to...

...Rhode Island?

Well, if you take land area into consideration, Iraq is roughly the size of California. As most of us are well aware, the U.S. sent approximately 135,000 troops to seize control of this vast area.

In contrast, the area of devastation along the U.S. Gulf Coast, including New Orleans, is roughly the size of Rhode Island. Now, when it comes to comparing the size of Rhode Island to the size of California, it's about like comparing an ant to an elephant.

So, how many U.S. soldiers and National Guardsmen has Bush now sent to the U.S. Gulf region? 60,000! Yes, that's right. Almost HALF as many as he and his neo-conservative brain surgeons sent to take control of all of Iraq!

While I'm sure the residents and evacuees of the Gulf Coast greatly appreciate the manpower sent - albeit belatedly - to help them out, something tells me that 60,000 is just a BIT of overkill.

And the 135,000 sent to Iraq, as we all know, was drastically too few.

Maybe one day these buffoons will finally get it right. Or...maybe not.


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