Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"I thought it was going to help," Bush said.

So, President Bush now admits that Osama bin Laden's late cameo appearance in the 2004 Presidential campaign actually helped him win re-election, according to a new book by Bill Sammon, Strategery.

"What does it mean? Is it going to help? Is it going to hurt?" Bush told Sammon of the bin Laden tapes.

"Anything that drops in at the end of a campaign that is not already decided creates all kinds of anxieties, because you're not sure of the effect.

"I thought it was going to help," Bush said.

"I thought it would help remind people that if bin Laden doesn't want Bush to be the president, something must be right with Bush."

Just one more reason why many believe that bin Laden long has been a convenient tool of the Bushes and the neo-conservative set. Bush's comments to Sammon would appear to hammer that point straight home.


At 2:50 AM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, by not capturing him he allowed bin Laden to control the destiny of democracy in America! Neat! Nice job, Shithead!

At 9:25 AM, Blogger DrewL said...

I seem to recall that Bush thought it was a good idea to outsource the effort to capture OBL (or UBL, if you prefer) several years ago when he was pinned down in Tora Bora (not to be confused with Bora Bora...though it's possible he could be lounging on a beach there as we speak). As we all know, OBL wasn't captured.

Now Bush thinks its a good idea to outsource major port operations to a Middle East country with some dubious ties to terrorism. Something tells me the end-result wouldn't be much better.


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