Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita Blows

Well, here we go again with one of the strongest hurricanes on record barreling toward the Gulf coast. But this time, the wrath of Rita is headed toward the Texas coastline instead of New Orleans and Mississippi. This one's already up to 165 mph and it's still two-plus days away from land. They say it may weaken slightly as it nears the Texas coast, but it's still going to pack an enormous punch. Batten the hatches and Katy bar the door. This one's gonna be a BIG ONE!

While I don't wish this storm on anyone, it would be a much more favorable situation if the storm hit as far south of the Houston/Galveston area as possible. If Rita should make landfall just south of Galveston, as many are predicting, this will push an enormous storm surge right into the heart of Galveston Bay, inundating anything within 5 miles of the coast or bay. That will make this storm nearly as devastating as the hit that Katrina put on New Orleans just over three weeks ago.

The scary part? We've still got 2+ months left of hurricane season.


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