Thursday, January 05, 2006

CNN: 5 U.S. soldiers among 134 killed in attacks across Iraq

Yes, Dick, there are no terrorists where there's a show of force.

Ah, you may want to re-think your comments from yesterday, Mr. Veep. Either that or make sure the terrorists know next time that a show of force is supposed to DETER them, not encourage them. The families of the five dead U.S. soldiers and the 129 dead Iraqis, I'm sure, would appreciate the clarification on their behalf.

Now we're up to 2,187 brave American soldiers who have died. Who will be the next young volunteer to have his or her life sacrificed for this madness? And how many innocent Iraqis have to die before they realize that they're better off without Saddam Hussein?

So many questions. No good answers. The beat goes on...


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