Friday, March 10, 2006

Bush: I'm worried by message sent by failed port deal

So, Bush is worried Arab nations will be disturbed that Congress and U.S. public opinion didn't support the DP World port management deal.

President Bush said Friday he was concerned about the "broader message" that the failed port operation deal with a United Arab Emirates company sends to other Arab allies in the U.S. war on terrorism.

"In order to win the war on terror, we've got to strengthen our relationships and friendships with moderate Arab countries in the Middle East," Bush told a meeting of the National Newspaper Association in Washington.

Is President Bush really as ignorant as his statements make him out to be? For crying out loud, the past four-plus years have been nothing but fear, fear, fear, terror, terror, terror, war, war, war almost non-stop. In fact, he's banked his entire presidency on such fears ever since 9/11/01. And despite Bush's bold predictions that he would bring al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden "to justice", the truth is that OBL hasn't been caught.

Should Bush really be surprised that people in the United States cast a wary eye toward having a UAE-owned company controlling major U.S. ports? If he is surprised by the reaction, then he has nobody to blame but himself and his neo-con co-horts. They've fanned the flames of fear more than anyone when it comes to U.S. perceptions of Arabs and Muslims.


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