Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DP World a red herring?

The more we get into this port security issue surrounding DP World, the more I begin to wonder if it's nothing but a red herring designed to prop up the beleaguered Republican members of Congress.

There's no question that President Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet right now, and the remaining 2-3 years of his administration portend little more than lame duckiness. He can't run for President again, but he can "take one for the team" by helping to improve the odds that Republicans in Congress can hold onto their seemingly tenuous majority status. Recent ethics violations - not to mention indictments and convictions - among Republicans have given Democratic challengers a wide berth in their effort to re-gain seats in the House and Senate.

The DP World purchase of a UK company responsible for operating several major U.S. ports has allowed Republicans in Congress to appear tough on national security and willing to challenge a President who is more reviled than liked at the moment. Sure, Democrats can appear equally tough on the issue, but what the Republican Party is interested in is retaining its majority status. If Republicans can get away from the ethics issues, in particular, and focus on their tough stance on security, then they have a message that plays well with their constituents in an election year. It also allows Republicans to distance themselves from an unpopular president as they hope to avoid being dragged down by Bush's myriad problems.

Time will tell if there's anything to this, but the entire episode appears just a bit too choreographed to have happened by chance. Bush doesn't have to worry about re-election. But if Democrats were to take back the House and/or Senate this fall, he would have to worry about a lot of other things.


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