Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Warning: Oil Slick Ahead for Bush, Cheney

Nearly five years after secretive meetings took place in Washington D.C. to discuss and determine the Bush administration's energy policies, some interesting information finally is beginning to emerge. The Washington Post is reporting that several high-ranking oil company executives DID participate in meetings with the Bush administration's energy task force, headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, according to Secret Service logbooks that identify White House visitors and their reason for visiting.

This revelation stands in stark contrast to testimony provided just last week by four oil company chief executive officers during hearings by the Senate Energy and Commerce committees. During their unsworn testimony, the executives told the Senate committee members that they were NOT involved in the task force meetings.

Even more interesting is that Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) was adament at the outset of the hearings that the executives would not be sworn in, despite attempts by his Democratic colleagues to do so.

Professional baseball players brought in several months ago to discuss steroid use were sworn in, but oil company executives brought in to discuss energy policy issues were not? Hmmmm.

While the oil company execs technically may not have committed perjury because they were not under oath while testifying before Congress, they certainly appear to have lied through their proverbial teeth. Now it appears that a can of worms may have been opened that could lead to further investigations.

Just when one thought the Bush administration couldn't handle another embarassment, it appears that another one may be lurking. The secret energy task force meetings in 2001 have flown under the radar screen in the post-9/11 world, but they may harbor some clues regarding the administration's approach to oil and gas markets over the last few turbulent years.

Perhaps there's more to the recent high price of gas and record oil company profits than meets the eye. Stay tuned....


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